M.Sc. Lab Advanced Control

Masterpraktikum Regelungstechnik / M.Sc. Laboratory Advanced Control

Lab; 4 SWS; ECTS-Points: 5
Advisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Meurer



The laboratory aims at the practical application of the contents of the lectures "Nonlinear Control Systems" and "Control Systems". The addressed topics comprise the design of linear time-varying and nonlinear feedforward and feedback controllers as well as their efficient computer-assisted realization using computer-algebra systems. The developed control strategies will be evaluated using numerical simulations and will be validated experimentally for based on lab experiments.

Dates / Downloads

After the end of the sign-up period at the secretary of the chair, there will be common meeting to determine dates and time slots. For this, please sign-up in OLAT until 20.10.2021.

Preliminary meeting: Will take place in the first week of lecturing. The date will be announced soon.

Topic Date Time slot Groups
Modeling and simulation
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Computer-assisted design

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I/O linearization
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Nonlinear control
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Flatness-based control
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Every experiment / topic includes homeworks, which has to be completely solved and send to the advisor two days before the experiment takes place. This includes a summery of about one DIN A4 page using the latex- or odt-template. The solution files (.wxmx, .m, .slx) have to run on the pc of the RT-lab (F-134), therefore the lab can be used for testing the files on dedicated dates to be fixed in the preliminary meeting.



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[2] T. Meurer (2020) Regelungstechnik, Lecture Notes, Chair of Automatic Control, Kiel University