Presenting at SMM2018 about „Predictive and automated ship guidance and motion control”

Sep 13, 2018

Please check out the press announcement (in German) of Kiel University concerning our participation at the Maritime Research Forum organized by the Deutsches Maritimes Zentrum during the SMM2018 in Hamburg:

The english summary of our contribution „Predictive and automated ship guidance and motion control” is provided below: 

Predictive guidance and motion control is developed for the operation and the maneuvering of autonomous vessels in constrained calm waters such as harbors. Based on a mathematical model of the ship dynamics a dynamic optimal control problem is formulated and solved that enables us to address the time optimal, the economic or the energy optimal motion of the vessel. Maneuvers include landing, take off and evasion in constrained environments. In addition to constraints on the propulsion and the rudder static and dynamically moving obstacles representing other vessels operating in the same area are explicitly taken into account. To be able to adjust in real-time to changes in the environment, e.g., by means of emerging or vanishing obstacles, the optimal control problem is solved on a receding time horizon, which allows us to include online information into the solution of the guidance and motion control problem. Different approaches are evaluated and compared to achieve a real-time solution of the receding horizon optimal control problem, which is crucial in view of the implementation of the resulting algorithms. For the evaluation of the approach various simulation studies are performed for challenging guidance and motion control scenarios. This includes the consideration of static and moving obstacles as well as disturbances by means of wind, gust or current.