Welcome to the Chair of Automation and Control / Willkommen am Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik

We work on state-of-the art techniques for modeling, analysis and control of complex dynamic systems and develop novel solution approaches for industrial control tasks. Our main research areas comprise model-based and data-driven control and observer (software sensors) design for nonlinear, interconnected and distributed parameter systems.

We apply and evaluate the developed techniques in different applications arising in mechatronics, thermal, chemical, and biological processes, production and manufacturing, industrial robotics, and mobile cooperative robotics. For this we either build experimental setups in our mechatronic, biotechnologic and robotic labs as well as jointly with industrial partners.   

Our teaching activities cover different aspects of automatic control, state estimation, mathematical modeling and analysis. Starting with the foundations for linear systems during the Bachelor studies our focus is on nonlinear control, optimal control and distributed parameter systems in our Master courses.  This is accompanied by courses on the modeling of physical processes and applied nonlinear dynamics. Theoretical aspects are applied and evaluated by our students in different laboratories.

Enjoy browsing our website and feel free to send us comments and suggestions. Collaborations are welcome. 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Meurer
Chair of Automation and Control / Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik