Student Projects

Current project

Beginning with the summer term 2016 there are three 1:10 scale model cars available for the bachelor student project. Each car is equipped with a KL25Z Freedom microprocessor board, a line scan camera and other sensors enabling autonomous navigation on a course set up in the laboratory. The project is meant to be a team effort, with participants encouraged to work in small groups on predefined subtasks while keeping in synchronism across groups to jointly progress towards the overall project goal.

Programmable cars

Control strategies and programming of the cars are realized with at tool chain in Matlab/Simulink. Students also have to write custom blocks in C/C++ code for gathering of sensor data and similar tasks, building up a Simulink library. From a project management point of view students are introduced to a version control system using github.

The project is a good opportunity to apply the concepts of the lecture Control Systems 1 in a real world application.


Max Lutz


Previous Project

For the 2014/15 student project, Lego Mindstorms EV3 is used to build and control an autonomous vehicle. It is thereby desired to make the vehicle follow a prescribed path using the light/color sensor and the suitable processing of the sensor data to control the electric drives.


Each project team is equipped with a Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. Software development is approached using Matlab/Simulink with automated code deployment to the embedded processing unit.



Contact / Resonsible

Andreas Kater