Theses and Templates


The Chair of Automation and Control permanently offers theses topics originating from the ongoing research activities for students at both the Bachelor and Master level. For Bachelor students in addition a student project is offered, which is to be approached in small working groups. For details and available topics please consult the following pages. 

Preparation of theses

Theses should be prepared according to the instructions and recommendations below. 


A LaTeX template for manuscript preparation is provided here. It is necessary that the instructions concerning text layout, content, equations, tables, figures, bibliography, and other environments summarized in the example files are taken into account. Theses generated with a text processing system other than LaTeX and those not using the provided template will not be accepted.

Generation of graphs

For the proper conversion and inclusion of Matlab or Octave graphics consider, e.g., the package matlab2tikz.


For thesis submission softcover (two-sided) printouts of your thesis have to be provided that comply with the following requests:
  • blue backcover
  • transparent frontcover
  • adhesive binding

Presentation of theses

Students finalizing their thesis with the Chair of Automatic Control should present the outcome of their work in a 20 min (bachelor) of 25 min (master) presentation in our work group seminar. 


The following LaTeX template has to be used to set-up the presentation. Herein, start editing the file slides.tex and follow the given examples to familiarize yourself with the use of the template:

Work group seminar

Presentations of bachelor and master theses will take place in our work group seminar, which is scheduled biweekly. During the summer term 2018 seminars are organized on Friday from 10:30 to 12:00. If you intend to give your presentation on one of these occations, then please request to be assigned a slot at least one week before your desired date. Slots cannot be guaranteed.