Control Systems

Regelungstechnik  / Control systems engineering
V-UE; 5 SWS; ECTS-Points: 7
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Meurer



This lecture gives an introduction to control systems starting with the mathematical foundations of linear systems via the systematic linear controller design in both frequency and time domain to the state-feedback control with state-observer. This in particular includes the following topics:
  • Mathematical description and properties of dynamic systems
  • Linear dynamical systems in the time and frequency domain
  • Analysis and design of feedback controllers in the frequency domain
  • State-feedback and state-observer design



See UnivIS.

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Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be provided chapterwise during the lecturing period.  

  • Chapters 1 to 3 (pdf)
  • Chapter 4 (pdf)


Will be provided successively during the lecturing period.


Additional Downloads

  • Template to create Bode diagram using MATLAB


This formulary plus 1page (DIN A4, single-sided use) are the only auxiliary material to be used in the written exam.