Nonlinear Control Systems (etit-501)

Regelung nichtlinearer Systeme / Introduction to nonlinear control systems
V-UE; 4 SWS; ECTS-Points: 6
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Meurer


This lecture gives an introduction to linear time-varying and nonlinear control systems by making use of differential geometric techniques. This in particular includes the following topics:

  • Linear time-varying systems
  • Mathematical description and properties of nonlinear dynamic systems
  • Introduction to differential geometric concepts
  • Exact feedback linearization for SISO and MIMO systems
  • Differential flatness
  • Exercises will be accompanied by an introduction to the computer-algebra-system Maxima and its application for the solution of nonlinear control problems.


See UnivIS (lecture ID 080046) and UnivIS (lecture ID 080242)

Available dates for oral exam

  • 01.08.-05.08.2016
  • 06.09.-07.09.2016
  • 26.09.-30.09.2016
  • 03.10.-07.10.2016

Register by email to Prof. Thomas Meurer providing preferred date(s).


Will be consecutively provided during the lecture period.

Lecture notes


Addons for Lectures




Computer-Algebra-System Maxima





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